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Kanuk X Dubuc: A Modern Choose a Classic Parka

Several of you may be familiar with the actual the brand Kanuk maybe insurance agencies seen the logo over a coat in the storage room at your grandparents or perhaps hearing the title thrown around in the ever famous when I was your age, we all walked up a mountain on the way to and from school… speech. Whatever the case may be, if you were not aware, Kanuk was thee model back in the day and is still one of the chosen brand names of Canadians especially here on the East Coast.
Kanuk Traditions
The products are handmade here in Canada and designed for the often never-ending, very cold and windy winters we experience here in Quebec. The weather on the shore with the St Lawrence is a lower altitude climate together with damp, cold temperatures thus these factors are taken into account for the design. With this climate, Cheap Stone Island Cotton Pique Polo Shirt In Bright Blue Kanuk uses manufactured insulation in their goods that repels humidity making them great for the damp and very cold winters seasoned here.
Although the design of some coats might change, the Kanuk company logo, the snowy owl, will remain the same. Designed when the company was founded from the 1970’s, the logo is a symbol of Quebec customs and the environment which usually Kanuk products are designed for. Greater than ten months after the company was founded, the particular snowy owl was referred to as the official bird associated with Quebec. The natural atmosphere of the snowy owl could be the Arctic Tundra although it often Cheap Stone Island Cotton Pique Polo Shirt In Bright Blue locates itself as considerably south as the St. Lawrence Plain during the winter months.

New Collection
Started in the 1970’s, it’s been a few years since the jackets have seen much upgrading so a style renovate is overdue. For this revamp, Kanuk is collaborating with fashion designer Philippe Dubuc who will add a more modern, downtown flare to the classic Kanuk design we know as well as love in hopes to be able to appeal to more ages.
Kanuk CEO, Richard Laniel claims that the redesign is not an rebrand but a ageing of the company itself. As the customers progress and styles change thus must the brand and the products they develop. With the evolving industry, new competitors put and in order to remain competitive and continue to succeed, the company needs to develop too.
Kanuk’s coats are not the only part of he company experiencing any redesign, the Kanuk retailer on rue Rachel plus the Kanuk website have also been subject to a slight makeover.
The merchandise
The Kanuk X Dubuc effort consists of nine designs with a range of types. The two styles available to buy at Altitude Sporting activities are the Kanuk + Dubuc Titane for women as well as the Kanuk + Dubuc Talc for men. Equally coats are coated with Kanuk’s Confort+ insulation this will let you comfort rating of down to -20.
All Kanuk items are sewn using their original sewing techniques causing zero seams staying penetrated. These partiuclar stitches techniques have been utilised since the start of the company over 40 years previously. Any minuscule divots where hot air can escape and cool air can get into are eliminated and also the result is 100% insulation for those their garments.
Kanuk has become making winter deserving coats for years. As a result of their well thought-out tactics and attention to details, their coats tend to be trusted by many for the best extreme, coldest winter months conditions.
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Cheap Stone Island Cotton Pique Polo Shirt In Bright Blue