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Canada Goose: Thermal Encounter Index
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Maybe you have found yourself near a computer screen itching your head over a merchandise you are contemplating buying  Everything appears great, but no matter how many times you re-read the description and check out the picture you simply cannot grasp the warmth in the model.  Is that hat filled with luscious efficiency, or devoid of critical warmth  Insulated jackets can be made pertaining to Dubai winters or Canada winters- ordering the former once you wanted to latter isn’t laughing matter.  Why couldn’t someone make some sort of scale that exhibited the warmth of overcoats
Canada Goose has responded your prayers.

Canada Goose does not want this scenario occurring when you finally decide to purchase one of their jackets.  That is why they have produced an easy to understand technique to help you choose the Canada Goose product you need.  Their Cold weather Experience Index (TEI) can help you figure out what models you have to be pondering.
Let’s take a look at it:

As you can see this is a simple 1 via 5 index of heat.  1 being a model that is certainly lightly insulated along with 5 being outdoor jackets for Arctic explorers.
1. Lightweight (5° to -5°)
This collection is the kick off point of Canada Goose heat. Canada Goose recently commenced producing models for people who may not need crazy-as-heck warmth.  These jackets are good for 2 types of people (yes My spouse and i am simplifying things, let me be): somebody who is on the go like a winter jogger, a cross-country skier, etc, and/or for someone which lives in a temperate climate where it gets chilly, and not cold.
The men’s Hybridge Lite Jacket

Mens options

HyBridge Lite Hoody
HyBridge Lite Jacket
Freestyle Jacket

Women’s options

HyBridge En aning Hoody
HyBridge Lite Jacket
HyBridge Lite Vest
Freestyle Jacket

2. Versatile (0° to -15°)
This is the collection for almost any condition.  Insulated for a little bit of everything, the Versatile temperature level will be excellent in colder temperature ranges, but not ridiculous if you decide to wear it around 3 degrees Celsius.  This is a great substitute for put under a shell for a day roller skating on the Rideau canal (and by that I mean consuming Beaver tails) or just on its own searching on Young Saint.  If you ever want to move winter camping and can be hiking 10 kilometers in to your camp at -15 Celsius, then throw this in and start hiking, you’ll be warm, but not cause problems.
The women’s Camp Hooded Jacket

HyBridge Jacket
HyBridge hoodie
Lodge Hoody 
PBI Lodge hoody


Camp Hooded Hat

3. Fundamental (-10° for you to -20°)
It’s getting hot in here.  Now we are taking a look at jackets that are (almost certainly) too warm for anyone days hovering near freezing point.  These types mean can be used into a slightly harsher climate.  The fabrics are getting heavier and the along quantity is increasing.  All this specific translates to a milder, tougher jacket.
The particular men’s Borden Bomber
Mens possibilities

Chilliwack Bomber
Burnet Jacket
 Foxe Bomber
Borden Bomber

Women’s choices

Chilliwack Bomber
MonteBello Parka
Victoria Parka
Kensington Jacket

4. Enduring (-15° to -25°)
We are not joking around.  If you might be always cold, then go for it look at these overcoats.  They will get your body boiling.  If you are regularly outside and position around- think waiting for the particular bus- these are models to suit your needs.
Women’s Trillium Parka
Men’s options

Banff Parka
Chateau Parka
Citadel Parka
Langford Parka

Women’s options

Trillium Parka
Camrose Parka

Five. Extreme (-30° to …)
This is just ridiculous.  Ridiculously warm that is certainly.  Made for hell in the world.  Enjoy the coldest times of winter with say disdain.
The gents Snow Mantra Parka

Males options

Ontario Parka
Adventure Parka
Snow Mantra Parka
Resolute Parka

Could options

Mystique Parka
Trip Parka
Dawson Parka

Shop Canada Goose

Keep in mind that these are recommendations.  No one knows your individual body better than a person.  If you are always on the chilly side remodel which will you should bump up to a higher heat level, and if the opposite applies then bump lower one.  Hopefully this will help you pick the most appropriate model of North america Goose for your usage. If you are still unsure that jacket will be best for you, read our selecting the most appropriate winter jacket guide so you end up with your current ideal Cheap Stone Island Shirt SPRING SUMMER 2016 SALE 11501 TINTO FISSATO Sand coat this specific winter.

Cheap Stone Island Shirt SPRING SUMMER 2016 SALE 11501 TINTO FISSATO Sand