Cheap Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts Blue

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Editorial: The Metropolitan Winter Look

Contrarily to summer and the warmer seasons – when we normally feel as if refining our looks and appearance – folks tend to be less determined to do so in the winter. However, it is totally possible to get a 100% classy and urban style, even when temperatures drop way beneath zero.


Here’s a laidback yet elegant search. What we notice the the majority of at first are the Bucktown Mentoring Ox Shoes, which bring out a touch of inspiration. Instead of going for a traditional black or brown shoe, we all stay in the shades of blue, while keeping a new sober and chic design. Cheap Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts Blue The Filson’s Scout observe is also a winner : you can wear it with a suit, a nice shirt or even a t-shirt.
The WesC’s Fakir kit is ultra-practical. Once again, the type of shirt you can wear casually — with a shirt below, for example – and for a more formal event. On its aspect, the Commuter 511 Slim 5 from Levi’s will give out and about a perfect cut and a simple fit.

Modern Ease

To begin, it is quite hard not to notice the elegance and the exceptional quality of the Monitor jacket via Arc’teryx Veillance. Mixed with the Attaché Can swim bag and the NIXON’s Refined Gunmetal Corporal SS urban enjoy, you get a blend of school and streetwear as a wintertime style.
Once again, you can find the Levi’s Navetteur 511 pants, that stands out with its great cut and modified fit. The Penfield’s Kendrick tank top perfectly blends with all the style, with its 100 % cotton fabric and fancy little pocket. To complete everything, you can even put on a cap, just like the NIXONS’s Tide 5 Solar panel.

Cheap Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts Blue