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Elegant Evening Outerwear
Demi Moore in  London, Feb 2010

I recently caught any rerun of The Rachel Zoe Project in the news in which Rachel and the girl team had clothed Demi Moore for a movie best in London.  As Rachel looked over your red carpet pictures from the night before, remarking exactly how fabulous Demi looked in her own strapless dress along with bare legs, Rachel said, It was like 10 degrees in London yesterday evening.  I love that Demi ended up being brave enough to take off her cover and show her dress.
Sorry, Rachel, that’s exactly the kind of review that makes non-fashion followers roll their eyes along with call us vain as well as superficial.
Yes, Demi would look great, but I might not call standing in very cold cold weather in a strapless dress without a cover for the sake of a picture as brave.  My grandmother could have called it idiotic.
I used to be still thinking about the remark a few hours later while i happened to catch section of the Poor Little Wealthy Girl with Mary Pickford.  Made in 1917, this muted film classic tells the story of a bad little rich lady (Pickford) who has everything income can buy – except the love and attention involving her workaholic father as well as socialite mother.
The story might have been cliche, but the mom’s clothes were far from.  They were downright wonderful.  There was no costume custom listed on the movie (typical in those days), but I might easily imagine people gowns being created by Jeanne Paquin or Jacques Doucet (two of the most popular designers of the day).
A single scene, the mother and some of her modern society friends are at a party.  Their evening attire * even on black and white, nearly 100 yr old film – ended up being Cheap Stone Island Small Logo Patch T Shirt In White jaw-droppingly beautiful.  When a man made it easier for the women off with their particular lushly lined, beaded evening jackets that perfectly coordinated with their evening dresses, it finally dawned in me why Rachel Zoe’s opinion about Demi being brave about the cold bothered us so much:  it’s because sophisticated evening outerwear features virtually disappeared and now women have little choice but to stand in the freezing cold without a coat in order to look great on the red rug.
If you go back and consider movie premiere movie reels or pictures from the 1920’s with the mid-60’s (when the studio technique reigned supreme), you can see starlets arrive in grand design in gorgeous night time attire, often having an evening wrap as well as coat.  No one braved it as well as borrowed their date’s hat it if had been cold.  Instead they made a statement with their own evening outerwear, which was often either a fur took or  wrap made out of precisely the same fabric as the dress.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz at the movie premiere, 1950’s

President and Mrs. Kennedy with the Elysee Palace, Paris, May 1961

My mom had both.  So do my grandmother.  So would most women they socialized with.
So where do that tradition go  Out with hats and gloves
That’s bad, because they were smashing.  Fur stoles are strictly taboo today, but I do pass up the coordinating evening gowns and wraps.
Unfortunately you won’t locate many of them these days, if you don’t make your evening clothing yourself or have a dressmaker create something in your case.  But there are alternatives : which I encourage one to explore, particularly for individuals chilly nights whenever elegant evening clothing is required.
Here are some very good alternatives:

Vintage Cape
Have a winter nighttime function with excellent skiing conditions in the forecast  Capture some Hollywood glamour by using an elegant vintage nighttime cape.  Not only will you remain toasty warm, you’ll turn heads with your oh-so-chic fashion.

Metallic Coat
Evening and sparkles match like bubbles and champagne, so if you experience an elegant metallic nighttime coat that flatters your skin tone, you will wear it for years to come.

Pashmina Wrap
Warm and functional, a beautiful pashmina is also versatile enough to wear nite and day.  A dark or fairly neutral color will go with a lot of things while a new bright color will make you a standout.  Do as the will and budget allow.

Chiffon Wrap
The chiffon wrap will help keep the chill off planting season, summer, and tumble.  Get one in a color that meets your skin tone or that goes with most of one’s evening wear.

Fabulous evening attire shouldn’t be restricted to indoor activities just.  There’s no need to shiver or be unpleasant in cold weather, also on a red rug.  Instead, borrow some of the previous school style and also pick up great nighttime outerwear pieces when you see them (they’re most abundant during the holidays).  You’ll be set for conditions to come.
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Cheap Stone Island Small Logo Patch T Shirt In White