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Organic knitting wools
TweetWith so many options on the market, we help our DIY crafters and knitters filter it down to natural and sustainable yarns. From organic merino in order to soy silk yarn and even recycled sari yarns, we have great alternatives for knitting your next venture.

Hemp Yarn
Hemp has none of the intoxicant properties of its cousin cannabis, and has traditionally already been grown for practical purposes such as making hemp twine, document, cloth, and now smooth knitting yarn!
Your Hemptique collection is the favored choice for any buyer who desires high-end environmentally friendly almond, organic cotton, bamboo bedding, and other natural-fiber products. Their vast choice of hemp products involves apparel, accessories, cording, carefully thread, webbing, yarn, fabrics, ropes and bakers twine that make our artisan motivated products the most premier quality earth-friendly goods in the marketplace. As the leading trend-setter out there, we strive to bring their customers the most innovative natural fibers products on Earth.

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Envirotextiles in Glenwood Springs, CO, is a master Cotton Pique Polo Shirt In Blue in the development of hemp and hemp combination textiles and are market leaders in the endeavours to improve corporate responsibility and transparency within manufacturing processes and labeling.

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Lanakits Hemp Yarn
Lanaknits Hemp for knitting has built the market of almond and hemp-blend yarns — currently producing 6 different lines involving yarn made with almond.Lanaknits Hemp for Sewing, founded by Lana Hames, is found in Nelson, BC – small arts capital regarding Canada.

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Soy Silk Yarn
SOYSILK® is an environmentally friendly fiber made from tofu manufacturing waste. Scented soy protein is liquefied after which extruded into long, constant fibers that are next cut and highly processed like any other spinning fiber.  Petrochemical free, alternative, biodegradable, contains natural anti-bacterial agents, and has the same moisture absorption as cotton but with greater moisture transmission.
String Zone
YarnZone works with a few decide on manufacturers to create a acquiring program that allows people to offer you the best prices anywhere.

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Vegetarian Yarn
Heidi and Jeremy are the duo behind All-vegetable Yarn. Together they are the brains, brawn and pretentious genius behind Vegetarian Yarn. We palm dye yarn inside their home studio, located in Brand new Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

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Organic Marino Yarn
Merino Made of woll is a type of material that comes from the Merino Sheep which is renowned for its exceptional properties. Among these properties are its wonderful softness, shine along with breathability. The fibres of Merino wool are much softer, finer and more delicate than many other textiles.
Swans Island

Swans Island hand-dyes these kinds of collection of certified natural and organic merino wool yarns in small lots employing all-natural dyes and no unpleasant chemicals. Each coloring lot is a bit different, yielding a refreshing depth of shade that only Mother Nature can establish. Our unique method results in extremely soft, 3-ply worsted spun yarns with higher luster and understated tonalities in every skein. Available in fingering and worsted weights, necessities such as same yarns employed in many of their fine handwoven blankets.

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Josephines Wools
Josephine Yarns was founded inside 2014. They are a mother and girl team equally enthusiastic about the environment and about crafting.

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Recycled Fabrics Wool
Darn Good Wool
Their online yarn store is devoted to supporting women’s economic empowerment, fair industry practices, and ideas of environmental sustainability. Darn Good Yarn store provides dozens of other materials, cloths and at wholesale prices yarn through our online yarn shop, allowing knitters access to these rare and specific items. In doing so, they hope to encourage the joy of knitting, beautiful garments, and honourable consumerism.
Recycled Sari Silk
Recycled Chiffon
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Apple Moon
At Pear Moon, we think travel should be fun, and now we should try to leave the planet a little better than we found it. We work with the particular Nepali Women’s Empowerment Group plus a spinners’ co-op in Indonesia to get you yarns which are colorful and fun, and that help improve the actual lives of the artisans who spin the idea.

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Yarn Yarn

 Yarn Yarn is an honourable online yarn store based in the UK marketing eco-friendly and recycled yarns handmade by women’s co-operatives in India coming from waste fabrics as well as fibres that would preferably be destroyed and sent to landfill. Yarn Yarn has been established by fibre artist Julie Colquitt (myself) in 2008. This now involves my whole family and a few warm and friendly helpers!
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Do-it-yourself Yarns
Hare are some excellent ideas on how to make your personal yarn from previous clothes and textiles!

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