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The clothes that Shelly Figeuroa patterns for her pattern firm Figgy’s really stand out these days of t-shirts and sweatpants. Figgy’s styles are super elegant, but are designed with real kids in mind. They are always simple and modern, but they have got delightful details as well. They are constructed in interesting methods, but not impossible to stitch. Most importantly they are comfortable and my kids love wearing them. 
Figgy’s Garment-Dyed Cotton Pique Twin Tipped Polo Shirt In Grey started with a single pattern. Read my interview with Shelly to see in which first pattern and exactly how her company is continuing to grow since! At the end of the actual post you can to get into to win some fabulous Figgy’s styles!

When did you learn how to sew and that taught you

Our very patient new mother taught me how to sewn and I had a minor help from the 4H way too.

When did you first start designing your own habits Do you remember what the 1st pattern you made had been

My first pattern was the Ella’s Bubble Bottom Skirt. It was initially just a skirt I made up and was selling on Etsy yet Anita the owner of Sew to talk in Ohio asked if I would make upwards a pattern and educate a class at the girl shop. That was within 2008.

How did you make the jump through making your own designs to selling these Was there any individual specific who motivated you

I must pay back it to equally Anita at Sew to communicate for giving us courage and Gina owner of Bolt Fabric regarding adding the heart. My spouse and i took my little hand drawn pattern to Gina at Secure and she sat along with me and informed me everything that was bad and good. I’ve always considered her as my mentor. I love in which woman and wish I really could visit with her everyday.

How has Figgy’s expanded and changed over the years

1000 ways and more. It is often quite a journey involving regret, mistakes, success and growth. I found that when I really has been true to myself I was happiest. When I quit trying to please individuals and just say yes to the things i loved it ran. I owe a lot to Karen LePage and Danielle Caine pertaining to teaching me so much about myself and design. I’m happy to point out I’ve found what I actually love through the journey but it wasn’t easy.

Figgy’s has gone from simple designs to modern, trend forward children’s wear. Can you talk about that the bit

The change came with the idea of being true to what type of clothing I like. I’m not the Ruffle sort of gal. I love clean lines with jumps of unique. Japoneses pattern books are incredibly inspirational for me.  

What needs designing and marketing children’s wear habits taught you about sewing drafting enterprise life pick one as well as all 😉

The first key thing about selling childrens wear patterns is that you simply can’t please everyone and that’s ok. I’ve learned to pay a person to do a job that might have taken me 1,000 more hours. It’s best to gift for the people rather than seated behind a computer mastering new software.

What would you tell someone who wants to sell their own styles

When someone pays you a compliment say, Thank you, because you should have it.
Schedule hrs and stick to all of them.
Don’t release a design until you feel 110% or else you’ll sit up times worrying that one thing was wrong and it is too late.
Don’t share the date pertaining to release until everything is 110%, it takes the pressure away from.

You are also obsessed with teaching children to sew! Could you tell us somewhat about the classes a person teach

Teaching has truly taken over my life (in a good way). I LOVE impressive kids to think away from box and if they feel it then go for it! My classes have no actual age limit or levels to them. If a child has never attached before but would like to make a dress i quickly say let’s get it done. I won’t make them sit through a load of assignments that they could treatment less about. I enjoy grab them wherever their passion is placed. My new publication for C&T publishing ended up being 100% inspired by the little ones I teach and i also can’t wait to talk about that with my kids.

Wait, a book ! Tell us more! 

I can merely say that I have written a book for Fun Sewn Studio an print of C&T Publishing. The book will be released July 2015 and I can’t wait to share more. The scholars I teach have been my inspiration. 🙂

Do you have any advice about educating our kids to sew

Obtain new machines together with speed control. Nothing’s more unpleasant than trying to instruct a child on a device that is so previous and dusty this barely works.
Grab a piece of painters recording or washi tape and put it at the 1/2″ seam allowance mark. Direct them to place the side of the fabric with the fringe of the tape to assist them to learn to sew straight. Let them play with the ornamental stitches for as long as they want. Sewing should be exciting!
That’s great advice, Shelly, thank you!

Now I know you wish to sew up some lovely patterns! Shelly has capably offered to giveaway the whole Mind-blowing Collection: 7 patterns that may easily be mixed and also matched to create a total wardrobe (a $70 value!). Use your Rafflecopter widget below to penetrate by Friday Feb 6. This giveaway is open to international entries, avoid where prohibited legally. One winner will receive 7 PDF styles from the Heavenly Series.
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All the best . and Happy KCW!
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Garment-Dyed Cotton Pique Twin Tipped Polo Shirt In Grey