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kcw: day three
1. upcycled break raglan by Tami 2. working pants by Inder Three or more. kitchy coo hoodie by Tina 4. linear t-shirt simply by Cindy
Today is the next day of Kid’s Clothing Week and the task pool is practically stuffed already! You guys decide to make amazing things. I have to declare, the boys genuinely pulled to the mind of the pack right now. The idea that boys’ clothes are uninteresting to sew is lastly dead in the water. WooHoo! Only look at those classy and well made poor performers up there: upcycled Large Compass Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt in Orange t-shirts, rugged dungarees, corduroy hooded sweatshirts! Ok, that last one might be for a girl, yet switch out the lining and then for any boy would look handsome in it.

1. plaid and lashes by Celina 2. mustard and grey by Lisa Three. crochet skull cap as well as upcycled jeans by Tomi 4. leather kid shoes by Tina
The prints and also materials being used tend to be blowing me away this season too. Celina’s combination of stripes and checkered and lace will be crazy beautiful. That i’m smitten with the a couple of pairs of leather-based booties that Lisa made. Go check out every one of the projects in the kcw group!  Dorie added the ability to discuss and favorite assignments for this season. You can enjoy all of your favorites on your dashboard. So go and tell every person how amazing they may be.

And the winner in the amazing Zonen 09 giveaway will be . . . Jolien. She wins most 4 of Zonen 09s beautiful patterns. Congratulations, Jolien! Remember, right now is the last day to enter the Hi June pattern item.
Good luck and happy KCW!

day threefall

Large Compass Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt in Orange