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5 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the Eco-fashion Industry
TweetEco-fashion is trends
People are tired of low-cost, throwaway, sweatshop clothing and want something more, better, traditional and with a story.  Along with stories abound!  Through KUSIKUY’s Inca heritage hand knits to Alabama Chanin’s innovative approach to homegrown, DIY, local high-class.
Good news is there are numerous great people doing wonderful meaningful points with fashion right now bad news is it is actually difficult to keep track of all of it.  No problem!  These folks are going Mens Cheap Stone Island Polo T Shirt Army Blue to do it for us.  Here’s my favorites based on my 18 years as an eco-fashion manufacturer myself.
Hollywood Hippy

 Just launched this year, but actually 7 years in the making, president Heidi Linnebach and the amazing crew at Hollywood Hippy give attention to commitment and motion.

With a $100 call to action, it is just a fast paced, carefully procured place to find meaningful, upbeat content that values and understands the importance and beauty regarding eco-ethical luxury and a well-balanced lifestyle.  “Chic, creative and influential” defines this great group to a T!
Much Trade Federation (FTF) 

I have been a member of the FTF since 2000 and have enjoyed observing it continue to be a leader and pioneer within defining and helping eco-ethical.  All members are generally fully vetted and also adhere to strict eco-ethical creation guidelines.

The new “shop online” feature is easily searchable and is also a great place to find your own newest favorite trend brand with over 29 amazing producer team members to choose from (which includes KUSIKUY!).
 This site founded simply by Angela Wallace has a great mixture of stories, goods, fashion and Mens Cheap Stone Island Polo T Shirt Army Blue lifestyle.  It is upbeat, newsy and has an in-depth sense of purpose along with meaning.

The coverage is merely enough to not bombard while still being engaging and also informative.  I love this mixture of ideas that brings, such as Safia Minney’s “Slave for you to Fashion” kickstarter project.
EcoFashion Talk 
I love exactly how Sass Brown finds and tells the reports of our material connection to the world through cutting edge design.  The Acting Affiliate Dean for the School involving Art and Design at FIT, Sass understands her industry and design and takes enough time to really research makers before featuring these people on her blog.  I’ve found this is the best place to attend for the newest, state-of-the-art and inspiring design reports.
Ethical Fashion Initiative 
Even United Nations has appreciated eco-ethical fashion.  In a venture with the World Business Organization ( !), the Global Trade Centre (ITC) can be committed to creating potential for women’s leadership, empowerment along with economic growth by way of fashion creation.

That they partner with top talent to create the handcrafted treasures by using ethical and enviromentally friendly dimensions.  So far their particular main focus of training has been in Africa along with Haiti.
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