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on the busiest corridors Mens Stone Island Polo T Shirt Army Blue and principal arteries such as Woodward Avenue (where the route 53 is the most heavily used in the system),[4] Gratiot Avenue, Grand River Mens Stone Island Polo T Shirt Army Blue Avenue and Jefferson Avenue. At the height of its operation in 1941, the DSR operated 20 streetcar lines with 910 streetcars.[7] By 1952, only four streetcar lines remained: Woodward, Gratiot, Michigan and Jefferson. Streetcar services was discontinued in April 1956 with the decommissioning of the Woodward line.

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As far as the release is concerned, I pretty sure it a bootleg. I don think there was ever an official 7″ release of this. Let us know how it sounds when you get home.

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Mens Stone Island Polo T Shirt Army Blue