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Family Adventure in Thailand

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Hello, Wow wild week in the Reber household adventure…we are now throughout Thailand, Bangkok to be exact! We are not city people we have been are country rats! We have been challenged to cultivate from experience, first thing in the city each of our important carry on handbag with all the good stuff, for instance ipod, underwater digicam, phone, tooth brush, and so on was taken. That hurts.

So the next day all of us visited a temple with the golden buddha 900 year old statue plus it says that all life is suffering and that all suffering comes from our desire and the optical illusion of their importance. Nicely I’m feeling the will to brush my enamel and listen to my personal favorite song right now!!!! You then get over yourself along with the pitty parade and turn to the next place….less things.

We are overwhelmed by the contrast of nuts city life 6 million people in Bangkok and the beauty of the mountains only 3 hours from here. Many of us took a trip to the water kwai and went to the most amazing memorial for ww two vet of warfare.
So many suffered along with lost their life, it had a massive impact on the males, they show photos and still have bones of the dead in a glass circumstance so it was really image compared to our standards of norm for any memorial. The people are fantastic, so quick to giggle and share precisely what english they communicate. The food is amazing therefore cheap.

Yesterday many of us went on a hippo adventure, you red stone island polo shirt first frolic in the water and wash your elephants in a river and then take them for the ride through the new world, it was so entertaining. The elephants consequently gentle and kind that they loved to get washed and toss anyone in the water, then they would certainly pick you up with their shoe and put you on their head, spray you along with water and then set down in the river completely under water and also disappear it was wild. The boys proceeded to go crazy with them!

We’ve been on some give hikes and beautiful fountain hikes as well, we considered going to a wagering action temple to visit dinosaurs but it was a bit controversial about the treatment of the tigers so we did’nt go.
Next quit Nepal, we are looking forward to achieving the children and more activities.
I miss as well as can’t wait to let you know more stories once we sit and talk about a meal.
-The Rebers

Off the Defeated Family Path – Worldly Vacation with the Rebers

red stone island polo shirt