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International Women’s Day time Rallies Against Abuse Among Garment Workers
TweetA dress worker describes the particular violence that was induced on her before creating a union.

Intercontinental Women’s Day is around Honoring Women
After i worked as an ESL teacher in Bratislava, Slovakia from ’06 – 2010, yearly on March Eighth, some of my individuals would come to class and give me a field of chocolates (Merci was my favorite!) or a bride’s bouquet of flowers (those students got a great deal of bonus points)!
Being a Canadian, I had heard about Intercontinental Women’s Day. However it was when I lived in Europe i was acknowledged for this day for being a girl by these variety gestures from my own former students. I am forever grateful in their mind for showing myself how some practices are celebrated throughout other parts of the world.
So as International Women’s Evening is approaching, Let me acknowledge all the girls in the world who don’t feel they have any man rights, because I am just here to tell you that you do. Let’s take a closer look in the mistreatment of women garment workers as well as sex workers in Cambodia and Bangladesh.
If females are like flowers, why they are still oppressed along with subjected to human intercourse trafficking and abuse within garment industries

Intercourse Trafficking to Garment Staff In Cambodia
Cambodian women are being abused in the dress industry and even subjected to prostitution. Check out the facts beneath.
The Facts
Since 2013, the average garment worker wage in Bangladesh is $68 and $75 in Cambodia. It’s not enough to pay lease or even support one self. (Figure 1)

According to Human Rights Observe, Garment and sheet exports are crucial for the Cambodian economic climate. In 2014, garment exports supposedly totaled $5.7 million. The industry is a major source of non-agrarian employment, particularly for women. Cambodian garment employees have reported being overworked without payment, beaten, and exposed to prostitution.
Human Rights View reported Women rule Cambodia’s garment sector, getting back together an estimated 90 for you to 92 percent of the industry’s estimated 700,Thousand workers. These numbers do not include the women engaged in seasonal home-based dress work. Most of these females are earning the average income of $75 – $80 calendar month as stated in Figure 1. The particular wage is not ample to take care of their housing nor buy foodstuff to feed their children.
You will find 500,000 regarding garment workers accounted for in Cambodia. 80% of them are females and living in poverty.

Now how does this affect anyone as a retail buyer Tons! So before you purchase a shirt or even dress at H&M or perhaps Old Navy pertaining to $10, I urge you to look at the tag, if it says Manufactured in Cambodia, put it down along with walk away. Most likely, the Cambodian woman made that shirt or outfit and is starving right this moment and can’t afford to care for her family.
This is the huge problem that affects everyone because cheap clothing comes at high value. You might think that you’re conserving a few bucks by buying a gown for $10, but, actually, you are contributing to servant labor by females in Cambodia who are functioning under harsh circumstances. Stop buying inexpensive clothing, it was stated in misery.
Who Are The Sex Workers Turned Garment Workers throughout Cambodia
Courtesy of Vice News, this documented is worth watching if you wish to see what ladies go through as  sex personnel, then garment employees. It follows an anti-trafficking device working with the Human and Juvenile Protection Division in Cambodia.

As you can see, there’s 2 sides to every tale. Not all Cambodian women need to be rescued by the anti-trafficking device because they claim the particular garment worker conditions are far more worse than they receive being a sex employee. Where is the sense in all of the this All these girls are being subjected to pressured labor and very poor wages.
Sex along with Slavery in Bangladesh
As well as children in Bangladesh are living in very harsh situations. More than 80,000 individuals under the age of Small Logo Patch T-Shirt in White Seventeen are working in tanneries pertaining to leather exporting to US, Canada, and Europe. The life expectancy of the tannery worker in Bangladesh will be 50 years. 
Again much like in Cambodia, these kids cannot afford to live on the basic minimum income and some of their parents – 1, 500 of these women and girls in the video below Sex, Slavery, and Drugs in Bangladesh have resorted for you to prostitution and human sexual intercourse trafficking.

What is the most disturbing in regards to the sex trafficking going in Bangladesh is that young girls are being compelled into prostitution and drug abuse. As women, we all shouldn’t tolerate your subjection of girls to child sex trafficking.
What Can You Do

There’s so much that can be done to combat man sex trafficking locally and overseas of women.
Obtain Educated
By reading this article article, you’re acquiring educated about the unpleasant conditions women inside Cambodia and Bangladesh face every day. The more you inform yourself about the mistreatment of females overseas in the garment-making market, you can make a difference in someone’s life by simply reaching out to local non-profit companies that assist women who are increasingly being trafficked or enslaved.
Buy Responsibly
As I previously stated, if that $10 dress with Old Navy seems too good to always be true, it probably is! Buying cheap clothes comes at a higher price. The moment anyone stop shopping from retailers that make use of child workers and some women abroad in East Asia, you’re taking the stand!
Remember: any time you pick up a $5 tank top from H&M and Supermarkets, it was probably made by a garment worker throughout Cambodia or Bangladesh. And it’s generally  a woman working long hours without the proper salary to support her own household. So start buying eco friendly clothing and you’ll be a responsible shopper! To start searching responsibly, click here.
Distribute Awareness by Helping out
Lastly, volunteering and also giving back to your international community is the greatest way support  women’s legal rights. Why not volunteer around at Trusted Clothing We’re always agreeing to volunteers and you do anything inventive. It’s a chance for you to help women across the world, while expressing your hidden talents. By way of example, you Small Logo Patch T-Shirt in White can write articles about how you’ve modified your shopping practices. Or you can do a VLOG and post it around the Trusted Clothes Twitter pages. You can choose any medium, as long as it’s for a very good cause, we’ll back you up!
Wish to share your viewpoint about this article In Trusted Clothes, all of us value your opinions. Leave us your comments and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!
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