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Blogger Finds Amazing Fall Pieces with Clothes Mentor Springfield
Blogger Finds Amazing Drop Pieces at Outfits Mentor Springfield

Check out the the latest blog post on shadesofsarah, featuring some great fall trends from Clothes Coach Springfield:

September Budget: Outfits Mentor Haul
Wording and photo simply by Sarah from shadesofsarah
In the event it came to update my fall wardrobe this year, I tried something different: shopping at Clothes Advisor. My closet has its fair share thrifted pieces, but I hadn’t found a music or consignment shop in the Philly place that I truly loved shopping at. Before I get into precisely why Clothes Mentor rocks !, let me breakdown things i picked up courtesy of Outfits Mentor Springfield:
Dana Buchman faux natural leather jacket, $16 (not described)
LOFT lace dress, $14

Crew pants, $20

Kohl’s chunky cardigan, $10
LOFT sleeveless tank, $8
Macy’s Style & Co. costume (with tags), $14
Dark top, $14
Chico’s bolero (with labels), $18
Nine West heeled footwear, $24
Delia’s ankle boots, $18
Pretty good right That’s 10 quality pieces for less than $160. My mother and I were actually carried away — I used every penny of the giftcard they generously provided (and more out of pocket!), along with my mom picked up a lot of stuff too. Should you haven’t visited your local Clothing Mentor (there’s three in the Philly area!), here’s why it’s worth the trip:
♥ Good quality pieces at discounted prices. I love bargain shopping, but sometimes you get whatever you pay for. At Garments Mentor, it just occurs that what I’m spending money on is a new-with-tags Macy’s dress above 50% off.
♥ Everything is checked out and on-trend. Clothes Advisor is a consignment keep, not an average second hand store. Instead of being donations-based, Stone Island Cotton Denim Shirt With Collar Light Blue the team at CM inspects items and only accepts clothing and accessories they know will sell. Uncover more about consignment retailers here, but generally CM does the work for you. Speaking of stores stores…
♥ You can make some buying money. Cleaning out your own closet If you’re a lot more the instant gratification type, you can try your hand in selling at Centimeters. I haven’t tried this kind of yet, but they perform give you cash on the location for what they’re happy to buy from you.
♥ It’s eco-friendly. Admittedly, My spouse and i don’t have the most planet-friendly searching habits but acquiring secondhand and keeping gently-worn items from our landfills is a good start.
Are you aware that Springfield, PA location specifically, I cannot say enough good things about the staff. They are so happy to assist you in any way, and they keep your store in ideal shape. It’s bright, structured and they have something for anyone. The shop girls did not have any problem finding items in my sizes also to suit my likes.
Need more convincing Merely wait until you see the particular outfits I’ve come up with.
~ Sarah
P.S. Thank you to CM Springfield for your invite!
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Stone Island Cotton Denim Shirt With Collar Light Blue