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Fergus Purcell: the high-fashion streetwear champion you’ve in no way heard of

Fergus Purcell isn’t a name that lots of will know – and that’s just the way he wants it. “I don’t try to be obscure,” states the British illustrator, graphic artist and designer. “I just like the work to be out stone island overshirt xxl there, shouting and being interesting, so I don’t need to. I do think that’s the right way round.”
Purcell has been working hard at the profit margins of fashion since the 90s, and counts Silas and also Palace among prior collaborators. This season he has done both his own label Aries (of which more later on) and the rebooted Marc Through Marc Jacobs, with Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley in the design roles. “Marc Jacobs was always surface of my list of firms to work with,” says Purcell, who was behind the dirt biking typography that dotted the designs. “I’m really experiencing and enjoying the convergence of streetwear and also high-fashion that’s happening at the moment.”

The actual Marc by Marc Jacobs autumn/winter 2014 show Picture: Leandro Justen/

Purcell’s Aries is all about that convergence. The brand is a venture with Sofia Prantera, the designer who founded skatewear brand name Silas in the late 90s, along with the results are Purcell-designed logos, punky finishes and pretty prints, which he describes since “a collision between trashy and high-end.”
He has a fondness for the aesthetic in the pop landscape and also namechecks Fiorucci, the Watchmen comics and also “trashy video covers” as conformative influences. Rihanna is actually top of his collaborator bucket list. Purcell believes you’ll find exciting times ahead of time – and he wants to dive in. “That whole heritage thing, when 18-year-olds were running around dressed in Barbours, was depressing and I thought the full austere, £2,000 coat issue was just a bit monotonous, aesthetically,” he muses. “I feel fashion is at the best when it personal references what’s going on at street level – and that’s what’s happening now.”

stone island overshirt xxl