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Probar CORE deliciousness

stone island sample sale in london My spouse and i went for a stroll on the weekend together the pleasure for being introduced to Probar, specifically his or her CORE line.
They may be protein bars which impressed the blast out of me. Precisely why did they win over me Mostly simply because they fit the one attribute I look for in cafes: taste.
And by that we mean it experienced some.
Lara eating your cookie dough

Gnawing at into the CORE bar, I was astonished that it not only had flavor, but flavor that did not resemble drywall, algae or that funny odor coming from my fridge. That tasted like cookie dough, and had plenty of crunch to it. They may be gluten-free and full of healthy nuts and seeds (not always the first thing I reach for).
Truthfully I can’t believe I am looking at a protein tavern, but I had to after that weekend’s pleasant experience. Various other flavors you find in this line include Peppermint Chocolate (next on my own list), Peanut Butter Chocolate, along with Brownie Crisp.
Probar also constitutes a line called Food, that are an energy tavern filled with organic, vegetarian stuff. A great choice for the people long runs, bike rides or walks.
So to sum up: yummy in my tummy.
Probar’s other available choices

Probar CORE Cookie Dough is available at

stone island sample sale in london