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Bicycle commuting for beginners- Tools

Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts In Blue Earlier i was talking about appropriate apparel for bike driving, now let us look at the thrill accessories you can adorn yourself with.  Call that bike porn, cycle bling or whatever you like; there are some special (and useful) toys and games for your bicycle driving adventures. Let’s jump right in.

Nathan bike lamps

Safety First!  Getting noticed on your bike is vital.  No, I am not talking about that cute girl outside Starbucks, but from the motorized vehicles hurtling by you every commute.  Nathan bike lights will get the actual cars seeing a person, and keeping their own distance.  Tons of options exist; you can definitely find something the way you like.
1. The Nathan Cut Light can be attached onto any handbag or pocket, but additionally comes with two hubs you can glue to surfaces.  Put one in your helmet and one on your stem.  Move the light around however it suits you.  Blinking or perhaps steady stream of light.
A couple of. The Nathan Light Bender can be strapped around your current arm or leg (or anything really).  An extremely seen option giving nearly 360 degree visibility, and also completely waterproof.  Blinking or perhaps steady stream of light.  100+ hours of battery life.
Three or more. The Nathan Lightspur is initial and a nifty thought.  It slides onto the rearfoot of your cycling shoe and emits a new bright light from the LED strap.  Be noticed on the go.  Blinking or steady stream of light.  100+ hours regarding battery life.
4. Your Nathan Strobelight is water-resistant, lightweight and could be clipped to almost something.  The classic Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts In Blue bike light.  Strobe or steady gentle.
Not pictured previously mentioned are the classic indicative anklebands, which are not only a good choice for visibility, but also for keeping your pant legs out of the drivetrain.
Petzl Zipka As well as high output LED

The Zipka PLUS is really a favorite of my own for staying seen because of its versatility.  The rolltop cord can be draped around (almost) literally anywhere.  Wear the Petzl Zipka As well as on your helmet, wrapped around a tube of your bicycle, about your wrist, the calf, off the back of your pack- anywhere.  Plus it provides a high-output LED and a red LED, 5 distinct lighting modes, two of which are flashing (greater in my option).  Great regarding camping/hiking as well.
Osprey Escapist 25 group

Being a backpack enthusiast, bike commuting can be a godsend. You want something will move along, be light, mesh and make you look like charge in Premium Rush. Fine, maybe not the very last one. The Osprey Escapist load up has a big hipbelt, so you can throw your mobile computer and other heavies’ in there comfortably, has a place for the hydration bladder, a new built-in raincover, is accessible from the base opening, is properly ventilated, has a storage bank account for bike equipment, and has the Osprey-patented Lid-lock allowing you to carry your headgear on the bag very easily.  Finally, 25 liters is a great volume for space for a few clothes, repair equipment and energy bar.  EPO will be optional.
 Patagonia Black Pit Messenger

If you do want to appear like that guy coming from Premium Rush, next a messenger bag is in order.  All the craze these days with cyclists, the messenger bag is a superior part of looking your part.  Like many developments, they have come to thr front of fashion because of their built in utility.  I have had any messenger bag for over 10 years right now and I love it.  They are great for ease of getting things in and out quick-smart.  The Patagonia Black Opening is a cool searching, rugged and weather-resistant son of a gun.  All your bells and whistles, and a cushioned laptop sleeve inside side to boot.  All you will need now is a brakeless fixie as well as utter disdain to your surroundings.
Other great options are the Sam by Cocotte (proudly produced in Montreal, Qc) and the Timbuk2 Especial messenger, designed for the hard-core cyclists reading this.
Light & Motion: Seca 400 Sport & Vis Three-hundred-and-sixty

You have been commuting for years, know what you like, and need the best.  Maybe you are perhaps thinking about doing 24hr bike races  Light & Motion is the one stop shop for all that is high-end lights.
One particular. The Light and Action Seca 800 Sport indicates business.  It is as highly effective as a car headlamp.  Yes, a car.  A lithium Ion battery will charge in five hrs and give you 10 several hours of intense lighting.  A good idea if you cycle commute on the autobahn, or you like blinding the planes flying overhead.
2. The Light and Motion Vis Three hundred and sixty light is a bit less intense, but unbelievably useful to a daily commuter.  Offering 120 lumens (or 250 for your Vis 360+), this helmet-mounted gentle will brighten your commute and feeling.  Attach the head lamp around the front and the LED screen on the back and off you go, in full visibility.  Runs for 14 hours throughout flash mood, and costs via micro Universal series bus.
I’ll see you all out on the bike walkways.

Stone Island Short Sleeve Polo Shirts In Blue