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Connecting With Wonderful Women
Connecting Using Amazing Women
A month ago my husband and I ended up invited to an available house and art work tour of the Japanese Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles by Mary Fagnano of  I met Jane at the Unique L . a . show in early May possibly where we discussed my Jacket line, downtown Los Angeles and just how it has changed a lot over the last decade. Your woman was admiring my personal jackets and also explained that she had a blog site called Downtownboomers which is with regards to empty nesters escaping the suburbs and taking up home in a loft throughout downtown Los Angeles with all the purpose of trading in garden work for time to get new life experiences along with her husband Jay. Mary, like myself loves connecting with amazing women and she also creates on her blog concerning interesting restaurants, trend, home décor, art and anything else she discovers as a downtown homeowner. DTLA (short for in town Los Angeles) as it is known through to many, has changed significantly for the better throughout the last few years and is a very up and coming area along with new developments busting ground nearly every 7 days it seems.

Mary & Beam opened up their beautiful home to us, while did many others From the beautiful Eastern Colombia constructing that afternoon and I a chance to talk to Jane about Jacket stone island two pocket nylon quilted overshirt Society and blogging and also low and look at the following week she had written a lovely account about me for my child blog, I was flattered and extremely much appreciated the post  – Thank you a lot Mary and we desire to see you and your hubby Jay again quickly!
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During the art tour of the Eastern Colombia building we had the opportunity to visit some of the stunning attics throughout the building about various floors. The owners were also displaying their personal martial arts styles & crafts that were available during the event. We all met some amazing people which was great fun. One person that I satisfied and instantly glued with was Present cards McCarthy.  Jan is a multi- proficient woman, she is additionally a blogger, an interior artist, artist, entrepreneur and radio / Television set host, just to name just a few. First of all I loved her loft and exactly how she had decorated it had been simply stunning.  She seemed to be exhibiting and promoting some of her beautiful fine art that she paints, that i really loved. In the course of our conversation, the girl admired my coat and I was insisting that about my company Jacket Society, how it most started and what I really do on a daily basis to keep it all running smoothly. Jan next asked me what I was doing next Wednesday morning, would My spouse and i be available to talk about my business and could I be a part of her on her net radio talk present called The life of a business owner to which I quickly replied  I would love to * thank you so much – exactly how fun
So a week ago I did my first recorded radio interview, I became a little anxious and also nervous as I did not know what to expect since I have never done a radio appointment before,  but Jan made me feel so comfortable and made it so easy and fun, how the one hour show went by very quickly without a hindrance.  We hit it off after the show all of us decided to get a nip to eat together closer than you think from the studios from Terroni. We had a wonderful lunch break and became better acquainted and I am looking forward to viewing Jan again it turned out so much fun.
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I love these kind of the possiblility to network and satisfy wonderful, strong as well as accomplished women who are all busy doing very worthwhile projects.  Mary and Jan are such women and I am consequently happy I got in order to meet them and aspire to see a lot more of which.
What about you, maybe you have met any amazing women lately that you’ve totally connected with
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stone island two pocket nylon quilted overshirt