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Sew Confident! 2016
Inspiration The process of being mentally stimulated to do, feel or imagine something, specially to do something creative.

Business presentation We put together an exciting presentation all about Stitch Confident! 2016. Make sure to click Start Prezi to begin, simply clicking arrows to advance slides. It really is fun, we offer! You can also download your personal copy of this business presentation HERE.

What is a Year of Inspiration We now have quite the Cheap Stone Island Cotton Crewneck Sweater Navy year waiting for you for you! Year A few will give you month after month involving inspirational instruction. Every single tutorial brings a person creative expressions and also artistic looks into each of our pattern collection, giving you new ideas for making our patterns special to you and special additions to your attire. Along with our team associated with inspired designers, many nationally-known artists will talk about their talents and execute amazing clothes. Excited and want to get more info Download more information the following.

Artist Series Prepare to be inspired by simply designers and performers using Sewing Working area patterns to construct progressive garments. Learn their particular techniques to create your very own! Can’t wait to join up Click HERE for Sew Confident! Year of Ideas.

Meet the Artist Become familiar with each artist we stock, their inspiration, process, techniques and finally, their particular complete garments! Here’s a glimpse into Kathy Davis, a designer that will be featured in 2016.

Pattern Collection 2016 will certainly feature so many Stitches Workshop patterns, consequently be sure to stock up on your own collection! The characteristic patterns this year may be the Soho Coat, Zona Jacket and the Tremont Jacket. The Sewn Confident! Pattern Deal is available now, click this link to purchase!

Cheap Stone Island Cotton Crewneck Sweater Navy