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5 Slow style brands
TweetThe real deal, gradual fashion retailers which are sustainable and good trade
There are a lot of fashion brands that are environmentally friendly and stylish. These brands are truly ethical in your mind and aren’t just eco-friendly or even fair trade for the season or a couple of, but are part of the style revolution.

These companies aren’t “posers” doing something “ecofriendly” in bamboo and natural and organic cotton because it’s stylish or it’s cool. Every one of these companies are the REAL DEAL.

Within the Canopy
Under the Canopy strives to transform the home textile business by creating classy and innovative products that are good for the environment, and for you.
Under the cover clothing line pertaining to spring 2015
Unlike additional retailers that use your label eco friendly regarding marketing purpses, Under the Canopy panels adheres to the most stringent sustainability standards to provide earth-friendly products for the conscious consumer. Whether it is the prevention of pesticide sprays in cotton fields or even testing for harmful toxins and carcinogens within dyes, each portion of manufacturing is examined and optimized to make the best quality product.

Kowtow Series
Kowtow is a New Zealand retailer in which designseveryday basics & limited edition selection pieces made from accredited ethical organic organic cotton. They’re committed to “certified fair trade organic clothing that is ethically along with sustainably made from seedling to garment.”

Choice Apparel
Basic denim jeans and a white 1st tee by Alternative clothing
Founded in 1994, Alternative is a manner lifestyle brand most common comfort, simplicity along with our commitment to durability. A basic white 1st tee, a crisp blue shirt that fit properly and denims include the foundation of any good clothing collection and at Alternative clothes, the basics are done with top quality, organic fabric. 
Substitute apparel clothing generates Soft, Simple, Environmentally friendly Basics.
From the vintage-soft really feel of our fabrics and also flawless fits to your one-of-a-kind washes and hand-detailed models, they’re all about creating convenience, both inside and out.

In 1993, founder Kate Fisher set off for Nepal along with India with journey in her eyes. Amid her extensive travels in Asia she started buying materials and clothing that they sold upon the woman’s return home. A business came to be.
Synergy Yoga garments
Today Synergy makes clothing that mixes sustainability, with modern yet timeless style.

Nau sustainable clothing model
Since 2007, Nau has been crating sustainable, functional and stylish clothing. Sustainability isn’t a feature, an extra, a nice to have or marketing and advertising copy. It’s the starting point along with their exploration without end. It’s weaved into every raw material, every pattern and every silhouette. It’s Nau’s business style, their responsibility to our community, as well as it’s why they partner with as well as support organizations that will matter.

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stone island white winter coat

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stone island white winter coat